“After winding up the operational activities in Sperre Støperi in Norway during 2013, and selling all the shares in Sperre Metallstøperi as at July this year, the Foundry group in Sperre is reduced to Sperre Baltic SIA as the operational business,” says Petter Skårberg, President of Sperre Støperi AS and responsible for all foundry activities in the group. “These changes result from a process in which the competitive strengths of the different companies have been analyzed and optimized in the context of future requirements from both customers and owners.”

“Sperre Industri AS, a leading compressor manufacturer mainly for the global marine markets, is still the biggest customer for Sperre Baltic,” comments Erik Langseth, CEO of the Sperre Group. Mr Langseth adds: “By reducing from three companies to one in our foundry business, we have already achieved a strong improvement in main KPIs, as well as strong performance in the financial figures.” This confirms our analyses and strengthens Sperre Baltic’s position as a leading supplier in its class serving customers all over Europe who demand high quality.”
Sperre Baltic has recently achieved ISO 9001 from Lloyds in addition to DNV/GL, which has been held for 18 years. ISO 14001 is under implementation.
“Enthusiastic employees’ commitment combined with modern manufacturing and control equipment is our recipe for survival in the iron foundry business” Mr Skårberg says. “Conscious that we are located in a growing residential part of Riga, we have conducted a proactive environmental impact process together with Riga’s Environmental Board, and we have been granted a permit, unlimited in time, for continuing our foundry business as it is, where it is. We can even increase our volumes more than 40%.”
“This is the main reason that we bought an industrial neighboring property this summer”, Mr Langseth says. “This can also create an opportunity for customers who want to extend their own value chain by doing assembly, etc. in Riga.” “We are offering sub-contractor services to many customers already,” Mr Skårberg comments.
All these factors underline the position of Sperre Baltic SIA as a class-leading iron foundry in Riga, which has also taken actions to improve several aspects of the business.
If you have any questions
Please call Petter Skårberg, Chairman of the Board of Sperre Baltic SIA, phone +47 995 52 555
Erik Langseth
CEO Sperre